Volume 5
Issue Number 2

In this issue

Agents’ Coalitions Based on a Dynamic Programming Approach
Baltazar Frankovic, Tung-T. Dang, Ivana Budinská

Composition and Thickness of RF Sputtered Amorphous Silicon Alloy Films
Tivadar Lohner, Miklós Serényi, Dipak K. Basa, Nquyen Quoc Khánh, Ákos Nemcsics, Péter Petrik, Péter Turmezei

Computational Environment of Software Agents
Martin Tomášek

Student Assessment of Desirable Technical Skills: A Correspondence Analysis Approach
András Farkas, Viktor Nagy

Computation of Rolling Stand Parameters by Genetic Algorithm
František Durovský, Ladislav Zboray, Želmíra Ferková

Number Archetypes and “Background” Control Theory Concerning the Fine Structure Constant
Péter Várlaki, László Nádai, József Bokor

Control an Electromechanical System in the Real-Time Linux Environment
Matej Dobšovic, Martin Kratmüller

Creating an Active Awareness System for Humans in Robotic Workcell
Olesya Ogorodnikova

Investigation of Failure Systems
Alice Horváth

Ontologies used for Competence Management
Victoria Iordan, Alexandru Cicortas