Volume 5
Issue Number 3

Special Issue on New Aspects in the Innovation of a Traditional Industry
Guest Editor: István Patkó

In this issue

Accurate Colour Reproduction in Prepress
Ákos Borbély

Lyocell, The New Generation of Regenerated Cellulose
Éva Borbély

Designing Textile Products for the Full Life Cycle with a Special Focus on Maintenance during Usage
Vera Göndör, Márta Pataki

Influence of Maintenance Strategies on Environmental Load
Tibor Gregász, Endre Korondi

Operating Maintenance Model for Modern Printing Machines
Csaba Horváth, Zoltán Gaál

Study of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals in Environment
Zoltán Juvancz, Sarolta Barna, Dániel Gyarmathy, Ferenc Konorót

Fashion and Innovation
Márta Kisfaludy

Engineering Evaluation about the Role of Innovation in a Globalized Economy
Zoltán Koczor, Áron Takács

Characterisation of Fabric Drape Using Spectral Functions
Lívia Kokas-Palicska, Iván Szücs, Zsolt Borka

Determinations of the Colloidal Structure of Pulp Fibres by Adsorption in Liquid Medium. The Role of Pulping Process
László Koltai, Miklósné Baksay, Sándor Rohrsetzer

Ecological Design or Some Aspects to the Reconstruction of a Mediaeval Rotunda
Ákos Nemcsics

Biologically Qualified Environment, Ecologically Evaluated Conditions
Judit Németh-Katona

Risk Management and Loss Optimization at Design Process of Products
Katalin Németh-Erdodi

The Environmental Significance of Bioindicators in Sewage Treatment
Judit Németh-Katona

Effect of the Digital Technology to the Print Production Processes
Rozália Szentgyörgyvölgyi

Environmental Contaminants in Foodstuffs
Mária Túri Szerletics, István Patkó

Spectral Radiosity Rendering Application for Lighting Researches
Ádám Tilinger, Gábor Madár