Volume 7
Issue Number 1

In this issue

Taylor Series-based Tracking Algorithm for Through-Wall Tracking of a Moving Person
Mária Švecová, Dušan Kocur

Design of a Solar Tracker System for PV Power Plants
Tiberiu Tudorache, Liviu Kreindler

Effect of the Measured Pulses Count on the Methodical Error of the Air Radio Altimeter
Ján Labun, František Adamcík, Ján Pila, Ladislav Madarász

Dynamic Modeling and Simulation of a Switched Reluctance Motor in a Series Hybrid Electric Vehicle
Siavash Sadeghi, Mojtaba Mirsalim, Arash Hassanpour Isfahani

Single Input Operators of the DF KPI System
Norbert Ádám

Autonomous Navigation and Landing Tasks for Fixed Wing Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Sefer Kurnaz, Omer Cetin

Iterative Algorithm for Channel Re-Estimation and Data Recovery in Nonlinearly Distorted OFDM Systems
Ján Šterba, Juraj Gazda, Marc Deumal, Dušan Kocur

Historical Origin of the Fine Structure Constant Subtilis Structurae Constan[TINU]s
Péter Várlaki, Imre J. Rudas, László T. Kóczy