Volume 4
Issue Number 3

Special Issue on Applied Computational Intelligence and Informatics
Guest Editors: Imre J. Rudas and Stefan Preitl

In this issue

Hardware Implementation of CMAC Type Neural Network on FPGA for Command Surface Approximation
Sándor Tihamér Brassai, László Bakó

Virtual Space with Enhanced Communication and Knowledge Capabilities
László Horváth, Imre J. Rudas, Simona Vaivoda, Zsuzsa Preitl

An Introduction on Cognition System Design
Claudiu Pozna

Improved High Dynamic Range Image Reproduction Method
András Rövid, Takeshi Hashimoto

Chaos and Natural Language Processing
Marius Crisan

Cascade Control Solution for Traction Motor for Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Zsuzsa Preitl, Péter Bauer, József Bokor

Medical Predictions System
Doina Dragulescu, Adriana Albu

Map Building and Localization of a Robot Using Omnidirectional Image Sequences
Zoltán Vámossy

Using Petri Nets to Enhance Web Usage Mining
Shih-Yang Yang, Po-Zung Chen, Chu-Hao Sun

Stability Analysis Method for Fuzzy Control Systems Dedicated Controlling Nonlinear Processes
Marius-Lucian Tomescu, Stefan Preitl, Radu-Emil Precup, József K. Tar