Volume 18
Issue Number 7

In this issue

Human Factor Aspects of Situation Awareness in Autonomous Cars – An Overview of Psychological Approaches
Gábor Kovács, Ágnes Hőgye-Nagy, Győző Kurucz
DOI: 10.12700/APH.18.7.2021.7.1

Pedestrian Crosswalk Detection Using a Column and Row Structure Analysis in Assistance Systems for the Visually Impaired
Krešimir Romić, Irena Galić, Hrvoje Leventić, Marija Habijan
DOI: 10.12700/APH.18.7.2021.7.2

Separation of Several Illnesses Using Correlation Structures with Convolutional Neural Networks
Attila Zoltán Jenei, Gábor Kiss, Miklós Gábriel Tulics, Dávid Sztahó
DOI: 10.12700/APH.18.7.2021.7.3

A Comprehensive Comparison between Finite Control Set Model Predictive Control and Classical Proportional-Integral Control for Grid-tied Power Electronics Devices
Abdulrahman J. Babqi, Basem Alamri
DOI: 10.12700/APH.18.7.2021.7.4

A Novel Risk Assessment Methodology – A Case Study of the PRISM Methodology in a Compliance Management Sensitive Sector
Ferenc Bognár, Petra Benedek
DOI: 10.12700/APH.18.7.2021.7.5

Impact of Different CAM Strategies and Cutting Parameters on Machining Free-Form Surfaces with Ball-End Milling Tools in Terms of Micro and Macro Accuracy
Bálint Varga, Balázs Mikó
DOI: 10.12700/APH.18.7.2021.7.6

Torque Quality Improvement of Switched Reluctance Motor Using Ant Colony Algorithm
Fahad Al-Amyal, Mahmoud Hamouda, László Számel
DOI: 10.12700/APH.18.7.2021.7.7

Master Manipulator with a Limitless Angular Displacement
Paweł Żak
DOI: 10.12700/APH.18.7.2021.7.8

Outage Performance of Macrodiversity Reception in the Presence Rayleigh Short-Term Fading and Co-channel Interference
Branimir Jakšić, Jelena Todorović, Đoko Banđur, Branko Gvozdić, Miloš Banđur
DOI: 10.12700/APH.18.7.2021.7.9

Uncertainty Analysis in the Notch Impact Test, for Materials with Different Energy Levels
Bulent Aydemir
DOI: 10.12700/APH.18.7.2021.7.10

Lumped Element Method - A Discrete Calculus Approach for Solving Elliptic and Parabolic PDEs
Zoltán Vizvári, Mihály Klincsik, Zoltan Sári, Péter Odry
DOI: 10.12700/APH.18.7.2021.7.11

Introducing the Concept of Internet of Digital Reality – Part I
Péter Baranyi, Ádám Csapó, Tamás Budai, György Wersényi
DOI: 10.12700/APH.18.7.2021.7.12