Volume 4
Issue Number 4

Special Issue on Computational Intelligence and Informatics
Guest Editors: Imre J. Rudas and János Fodor

In this issue

From Artificial Neural Networks to Emotion Machines with Marvin Minsky
Jozef Kelemen

Construction of Functions by Fuzzy Operators
József Dombi, József Dániel Dombi

Sensor-net for Monitoring Vital Parameters of Vehicle Drivers
Gergely Fördos, István Bosznai, Levente Kovács, Balázs Benyó, Zoltán Benyó

3D Image Sensor based on Parallax Motion
Barna Reskó, Dávid Herbay, Péter Krasznai, Péter Korondi

Computer-aided Analysis of Phisiological Systems
Balázs Benyó

Industrial Component-based Sample Mobile Robot System
Péter Kucsera

Digital Electronic Control of a Small Turbojet Engine MPM 20
Rudolf Andoga, Ladislav Fozo, Ladislav Madarász

Detecting Renamings in Three-Way Merging
László Angyal, László Lengyel, Hassan Charaf

Robust Convex Hull-based Algoritm for Straightness and Flatness Determination in Coordinate Measuring
Gyula Hermann

Evolutionary Strategy for Feeding Trajectory Optimization of Fed-batch Reactors
Tamás Varga, Ferenc Szeifert, János Abonyi

Plausible Reasoning in Modular Robotics and Human Reasoning
Claudiu Pozna, Radu-Emil Precup