Volume 6
Issue Number 1

Special Issue on Intelligent Systems and Informatics
Guest Editors: Endre Pap and Imre J. Rudas

In this issue

Copulas: an Approach How to Model the Dependence Structure of Random Vectors
Radko Mesiar, Magda Komorníková

Robust Fixed Point Transformations in Adaptive Control Using Local Basin of Attraction
József K. Tar, János F. Bitó, László Nádai, José A. Tenreiro Machado

Why Should Robots in Unstructured Environments Perform a Dynamically Balanced Regular Gait?
Miomir Vukobratovic, Branislav Borovac

Design of Tactile Measuring Probes for Coordinate Measuring Machines
Gyula Hermann, Csongor Sántha

Monograph: Aggregation Functions
Michel Grabisch, Jean-Luc Marichal, Radko Mesiar, Endre Pap

Investigation of Electrochemically Etched GaAs (001) Surface with the Help of Image Processing
Ákos Nemcsics, Miklós Schuszter, László Dobos, Péter Turmezei

Pathfinding Based on Edge Detection and Infrared Distance Measuring Sensor
Bojan Kuljic, János Simon, Tibor Szakáll

Super-Resolution for Traditional and Omnidirectional Image Sequences
Attila Nagy, Zoltán Vámossy

Maximum Power Search in Wind Turbine Based on Fuzzy Logic Control
Evgenije Adzic, Zoran Ivanovic, Milan Adzic, Vladimir Katic

Combinatorics at Electronic Circuit Realization in FPAA
György Györök, Margit Makó, József Lakner

Asymmetric general Choquet integrals
Biljana Mihailovic, Endre Pap

A New Approach of Face Detection-based Classification of Image Databases
Szabolcs Sergyán

Towards the Formalization of Fuzzy Relational Database Queries
Aleksandar Perovic, Aleksandar Takaci, Srdjan Skrbic