Volume 1
Issue Number 2

In this issue

Handling Contradicting Requirements Using Desirability Functions
Zsolt Réthy, Zoltán Koczor, József Erdélyi

Chalcogenide Materials for Solar Energy Conversion
Péter Turmezei

Behavior and Design Intent Based Product Modeling
László Horváth, Imre J. Rudas

Left-continuous T-norms in Fuzzy Logic: an Overview
János Fodor

Approximate Reasoning in Fuzzy Systems Based on Pseudo-analyses and Uninorm Residuum
Márta Takács

TP Model Transformation Based Observer Design to 2-D Aeroelastic System
Péter Baranyi, Yeung Yam

Computation of Boundary Layers
József Dénes, István Patkó

On the Complexity of the Channel Routing Problem in the Dogleg-free Multilayer Manhattan Model
Kornélia Ambrus Somogyi, András Recski

Appropriate Mathematical Model of DC Servo Motors Applied in SCARA Robots
Attila L. Bencsik

Semantical Equivalence of Process Functional and Imperative Programs
Ján Kollár, Valerie Novitzká