Volume 6
Issue Number 4

In this issue

Grid-based Support for Different Text Mining Tasks
Martin Sarnovský, Peter Butka, Ján Paralic

Adaptive Fuzzy Control Design
Martin Kratmüller

How Safe the Human-Robot Coexistence Is? Theoretical Presentation
Olesya Ogorodnikova

Mechanical Pretreatment of Surface of Aluminum Alloy D16-T by Shot Peening
Daniel Kottfer, Peter Mrva

Customer Relationship Management: Implementation Process Perspective
Alok Mishra, Deepti Mishra

Helical Two-Revolutional Cyclical Surface
Tatiana Olejníková

Behaviour Study of a Multi-Agent Mobile Robot System during Potential Field Building
István Nagy

Control of a Uniform Step Asymmetrical 9-Level Inverter Based on Artificial Neural Network Strategy
Rachid Taleb, Abdelkader Meroufel, Patrice Wira

Energetic Utilisation of Pyrolysis Gases in IC Engine
Viktória Barbara Kovács, Attila Meggyes