Volume 8
Issue Number 4

In this issue

Formation Kinetics of the Self-organized III-V-based Nanostructures Grown by Droplet Epitaxy
Ákos Nemcsics

Factors Limiting Controlling of an Inverted Pendulum
Tobiáš Lazar, Peter Pástor

Model Reference Fuzzy Control of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems Using an Optimal Observer
Mojtaba Ahmadieh Khanesar, Mohammad Teshnehlab, Okyay Kaynak

ERP Project Implementation: Evidence from the Oil and Gas Sector
Alok Mishra, Deepti Mishra

Non-Conventional Approaches to Feature Extraction for Face Recognition
Jozef Ban, Matej Féder, Miloš Oravec, Jarmila Pavlovičová

A Fully-coupled Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Model for the Description of the Behavior of Swelling Porous Media
Hanifi Missoum, Nadia Laredj, Karim Bendani, Mustapha Maliki

The Modeling and Simulation of an Autonomous Quad-Rotor Microcopter in a Virtual Outdoor Scenario
Aleksandar Rodic, Gyula Mester

Effect of Thermo-Mechanical Treatment on the Phase Composition and Resistance to Plastic Deformation of Chromium-Nickel Steel
L. V. Zaitseva, Boris I. Koval'chuk

Towards a New Approach in Available Bandwidth Measures on Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Redouane Belbachir, Zoulikha M. Mekkakia, Ali Kies

Some Categorial Aspects of the Dorroh Extensions
Dorina Fechete

Definite Integral and the Gibbs Paradox
TianZhi Shi

Multipattern Road Traffic Crashes and Injuries: A Case Study of Xi’an City
Yong-gang Wang, Shen-sen Huang, Wen-sen Xiang, Yu-long Pei