Volume 9
Issue Number 5

In this issue

Sliding-Rolling Ratio during Deep Squat with Regard to Different Knee Prostheses
Gusztáv Fekete, Patrick De Baets, Magd Abdel Wahab, Béla Csizmadia, Gábor Katona, Libardo V. Vanegas-Useche, José Alfredo Solanilla

Review of Competitiveness Indices that Use Knowledge as a Criterion
Andrea Katic, Ilija Cosic, Goran Andelic, Saša Raletic

Historical Origin of the Fine Structure Constant
Part IV: Coronatio: Explicandi et Applicandi Subtilita(ti)s Structurae Constantis Sephano Rege

Péter Várlaki, Imre J. Rudas

Double Layer Tensegrity Grids
Tatiana Olejnikova

The Efficiency Rate of a Steam-Water Injector
Masa Bukurov, Sinisa Bikic, Miljana Prica

Method of Data Center Classifications
Krisztián Kósi

A Connected Dominating Set Based on Connectivity and Energy in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Ali Kies, Zoulikha Mekkakia Maaza, Redouane Belbachir

Fast Fourier Transform in Papermaking and Printing: Two Application Examples
Aleš Hladnik, Tadeja Muck, Maja Stanic, Marjeta Cernic

Assessment of the Nanohardness of a-SiC: H Film by Cyclic Nanoindentation
Daniel Tischler, Marie Válová, Ivo Štepánek

A Comparison of Constructive Heuristics with the Objective of Minimizing Makespan in the Flow-Shop Scheduling Problem
Pavol Semanco, Vladimír Modrák

One Simple Way of Comparing the Bandwidth of a Signaling CCS No7 Channel under the Influence of Bursty and Random Errors
Dragan Mitic, Aleksandar Lebl, Žarko Markov