Volume 9
Issue Number 6

In this issue

Defining Infocommunications and Related Terms
Gyula Sallai

Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) Control for Indoor Temperature Monitoring
Yi-Jen Mon, Chih-Min Lin, Imre J. Rudas

A Stochastic Approach to Fuzzy Control
Károly Nagy, Szabolcs Divéki, Péter Odry, Matija Sokola, Vladimir Vujicic

The Digital Self-Tuning Control of Step a Down DC-DC Converter
Fatima Tahri, Ali Tahri, Ahmed Allali and Samir Flazi

Biogas and Energy Production by Utilization of Different Agricultural Wastes
Attila Meggyes, Valéria Nagy

Durability of Cellulose and Synthetic Papers Exposed to Various Methods of Accelerated Ageing
Mirica Karlovits, Diana Gregor-Svetec

Experimental Verification of Cusp Heights when 3D Milling Rounded Surfaces
Balázs Mikó, Jozef Beno, Ildikó Manková

Elastic Analysis of Heterogeneous Thick Cylinders Subjected to Internal or External Pressure Using Shear Deformation Theory
Mehdi Ghannad, Mohammad Zamani Nejad

Advanced Character Collage CAPTCHA
Goran Martinovic, Zdravko Krpic

A Hybrid Algorithm for Parameter Tuning in Fuzzy Model Identification
Zsolt Csaba Johanyák, Olga Papp

The Analysis of Two-Phase Condensation Heat Transfer Models Based on the Comparison of the Boundary Condition
Róbert Sánta

A Comparative Study of Offset Plate Quality Parameters using Image Processing and Analytical Methods
Živko Pavlovic, Tadeja Muck, Aleš Hladnik, Igor Karlovic

Measuring Hungarian and Slovakian Students’ IT Skills and Programming Knowledge
Gábor Kiss

Applying Model-Driven Paradigm for the Improvement of Web Requirement Validation
Gustavo Aragon, M. J. Escalona, Jose R. Hilera, Luis Fernandez-Sanz, Sanjay Misra

Tribological Investigation of K Type Worm Gear Drives
Balázs Magyar, Bernd Sauer, Péter Horák

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