Volume 2
Issue Number 2

In this issue

Automatic Adaptation of Fuzzy Controllers
Ján Vascák, Ladislav Madarász

On the Polyhedral Graphs with Positive Combinatorial Curvature
Tamás Réti, Eniko Bitay, Zsolt Kosztolányi

Design of the Agent-based Intelligent Control System
Baltazár Frankovic, Viktor Oravec

Material Transport with Air Jet
István Patkó

The Kinetics of Cellulose Grafting with Vinyl Acetate Monomer
Éva Borbély

Route Elimination Heuristic for Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows
Sándor Csiszár

Maintenance and Rehabilitation Systems of Infrastructures Management
András Bakó, Kornélia Ambrus-Somogyi