Volume 3
Issue Number 1

Special Issue on Computational Intelligence
Guest Editor: Imre J. Rudas

In this issue

Kernel CMAC: an Efficient Neural Network for Classification and Regression
Gábor Horváth

Dynamic System Using Conjunctive Operator
József Dombi, József Dániel Dombi

Some Aspects of Ambient Intelligence
George Kovács, Sándor Kopácsi

Stability and Sensitivity Analysis of Fuzzy Control Systems. Mechatronics Applications
Radu-Emil Precup, Stefan Preitl

Frequent Pattern Mining in Web Log Data
Renáta Iváncsy, István Vajk

A Brief Survey and Comparison on Various Interpolation Based Fuzzy Reasoning Methods
Zsolt Csaba Johanyák, Szilveszter Kovács

A Canonical Form of RT-Level FSM Controlled Data Path Descriptions for Formal Verification
Péter Keresztes

The Cross Product of Fuzzy Numbers and its Applications in Geology
Barnabás Bede, János Fodor

The Pseudooperators in Second Order Control Problems
Márta Takács

Classification of Cerebral Blood Flow Oscillation
Balázs Benyó, Péter Somogyi, Béla Paláncz