Volume 3
Issue Number 4

In this issue

Implementation of Discrete-Time Fractional-Order Controllers based on LS Approximations
Ramiro S. Barbosa, J. A. Tenreiro Machado

Tensor Product Model Transformation-based Sliding Surface Design
Péter Korondi

Agents from Functional-Computational Perspective
Jozef Kelemen

Tuning of Fractional Controllers Minimising H2 and H8 Norms
Duarte Valério, José Sá da Costa

Research of Competitiveness Factors of SME
György Kadocsa

Nonlinear System Control Using Neural Networks
Jaroslava Zilková, Jaroslav Timko, Peter Girovsky

Tensor Product Model Transformation-based Controller Design for Gantry Crane Control System – An Application Approach
Fetah Kolonic, Alen Poljugan, Ivan Petrovic

Conditions for Inference Invariant Rule Reduction in Fuzzy Rule-based Systems by Combining Rules with Identical Consequents
Jayaram Balasubramaniam