Volume 8
Issue Number 5

In this issue

A Computational Framework for a Bio-inspired Mechanism of Vernier Hyperacuity
András Róka, Ákos Zarándy

Software Measurement Activities in Small and Medium Enterprises: an Empirical Assessment
O. Tolga Pusatli, Sanjay Misra

Advanced Examination of Zinc Rich Primers with Thermodielectric Spectroscopy
András Baczoni, Ferenc Molnár

Statistical Syllable Analysis for Pronunciation Ambiguity Detection and Resolution in Text-to-Speech Synthesis Applications: A Case Study in Turkish
Ahmet Akbulut, Tugrul Adiguzel, Asim Egemen Yilmaz

Optimization Methods of EWMA Statistics
Petar Čisar, Sanja Maravić Čisar

A New, Tensile Test-based Parameter Identification Method for Large-Strain Generalized Maxwell-Model
Gábor Bódai, Tibor Goda

Evaluation Criteria for Object-oriented Metrics
Sanjay Misra

Analysing the Colours of the Virtual Reality Museums’ Picture
Cecília Sik-Lányi, János Schanda

Measuring Railway Market Attractiveness: Evidence from Visegrád Countries
Anikó Kelemen-Erdős

Effect of Surface Roughness on the Behavior of a Magnetic Fluid-based Squeeze Film between Circular Plates with Porous Matrix of Variable Thickness
Rakesh M. Patel, Gunamani Deheri, Himanshu C. Patel

The Dynamic Economic Dispatch including Wind Power Injection in the Western Algerian Electrical Power System
Abderrahim Belmadani, Lahouaria Benasla, Mostefa Rahli

Heart Rate Variability Monitoring during Human-Computer Interaction
Károly Hercegfi