Volume 7
Issue Number 3

In this issue

Imaging Method: An Efficient Algorithm for Moving Target Tracking by UWB Radar
Dusan Kocur, Jan Gamec, Maria Švecová, Maria Gamcová, Jana Rovnáková

Non-Classical Problems of Irreversible Deformation in Terms of the Synthetic Theory
Andrew Rusinko

Performance of a Magnetic Fluid-based Short Bearing
R. M. Patel, G. M. Deheri, Pragna A. Vadher

A Copula-based Approach to the Analysis of the Returns of Exchange Rates to EUR of the Visegrád Countries
Magda Komorníková, Jozef Komorník

The Dynamic Study of the Weft Insertion of Air Jet Weaving Machines
Lóránt Szabó, István Patkó, Gabriella Oroszlány

Adaptation of Fuzzy Cognitive Maps – a Comparison Study
Ján Vašcák, Ladislav Madarász

Problems of Digital Sustainability
Tamás Szádeczky

The Digital Pre-Operative Planning of Total Hip Arthroplasty
Monika Michalíková, Lucia Bednarcíková, Martin Petrík, Jozef Živcák, Richard Raši

Remarks on the Efficiency of Information Systems
András Keszthelyi

Six-Phase Matrix Converter Fed Double Star Induction Motor
Bachir Ghalem, Bendiabdellah Azeddine