Volume 9
Issue Number 2

In this issue

Basic Equations of Fluid Dynamics Treated by Pseudo-Analysis
Endre Pap, Doretta Vivona

A Template-based Model Transformation Approach for Deriving Multi-Tenant SaaS Applications
Kun Ma, Bo Yang, Ajith Abraham

Compressive Behaviour of Metal Matrix Syntactic Foams
Imre Norbert Orbulov, János Ginsztler

Stable Design of a Class of Nonlinear Discrete-Time MIMO Fuzzy Control System
Radu-Emil Precup, Marius-Lucian Tomescu, Emil M. Petriu, Stefan Preitl, Claudia-Adina Dragoş

Ranking Decision Making Units Based on DEA-like Nonreciprocal Pairwise Comparisons
János Fülöp, Rita Markovits-Somogyi

Mobile Detection Algorithm in Mobile Device Detection and Content Adaptation
Zlatko Čović, Miodrag Ivković, Biljana Radulović

Different Chromosome-based Evolutionary Approaches for the Permutation Flow Shop Problem
Krisztián Balázs, Zoltán Horváth, László T. Kóczy

Computation of Thermal and Hydraulic Performances of Minichannel Heat Sink with an Impinging Air Jet for Computer Cooling
M’hamed Beriache, Hassan Naji, Ahmed Bettahar, Leila Mokhtar Saidia

Performance Analysis of Equally weighted Portfolios: USA and Hungary
András Urbán, Mihály Ormos

Nucleation of a Crack under Inner Compression of Cylindrical Bodies
Ebrahim Zolgharnein, Vagif M. Mirsalimov

Pseudo-Isochromatic Plates to Measure Colour Discrimination
Klára Wenzel, Krisztián Samu

Comparison of Plasma and Laser Beam Welding of Steel Sheets Treated by Nitrooxidation
Ivan Michalec, Milan Marônek

Non-Linear Behavior of Sands under Longitudinal Resonance Testing
Merouane Mekkakia Maaza, Ahmed Arab, Mostefa Belkhatir, Saaed Hammoudi, Minh Phong Luong, Abdelatif Benaissa

On the Calculus of Centrifugal Moments for Plane Plates and Plane Bars
Mihail Boiangiu, Georgeta Boiangiu

Real-time Traffic Sign Recognition with Map Fusion on Multicore/Many-core Architectures
Kerem Par, Oguz Tosun